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rosetta stone

Goal: To refresh brand awareness and increase sales of new products in all participating international markets

Rosetta Stone, the trailblazer in foreign language learning, underwent a rebranding campaign in early 2014. I contributed to a team in rebuilding their website as well as participating international markets using CMS, Liferay. Below are samples of the Rosetta Stone website in Germany

Rosetta Stone


Goal: To become more competitive as the leader in
Mass Notification technology

One of the leading companies in mass notification technology, Alertus Technologies needed a fresh online presence as a result of rapid growth and competition within their industry. As digital marketing specialist, I transformed their website into a resource where customers can learn about their products, become more familiar with the industries they serve, and participate in various educational events about mass communication. Additionally, I analyze website and online advertising traffic (SEO and SEA) as well as social media across all channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. 


To view samples, click on the links below:

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